Removing language barriers

Belinguee seeks to provide linguistic solutions to companies, educational institutions and private individuals. 
Its mission is to remove language barriers, allowing companies and individuals to communicate in an efficient and flawless manner.

Shaking Hands


Founder, CEO, interpreter and translator

Languages are something that has always attracted my attention. This fascination motivated me to start studying English at the age of 13 and French at 14.  I have always loved the fact that I can understand and even be able to ‘decipher’ something to another individual. I realised later on that this feeling – helping people communicate – was behind the love that I hold for languages. 

To build on my passion for languages and develop my knowledge in detail I started a university degree in translation studies in 1998. At the end of the course, I decided to transfer to London. Whilst there I enjoyed 5 years of rich linguistic experience and had the opportunity to work as a health care/court interpreter doing consecutive interpreting. In 2009 I returned to Brazil and have supported myself using the skills from my degree and my experience in the United Kingdom, translating, teaching English and working as an interpreter.

I have had the opportunity throughout the years to act in a variety of areas, such as finance and economics, and have participated in projects by multinational corporations and international organizations including the World Bank and the Central Bank of Brazil.

In 2017, I decided to start my own company, Belinguee, headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil.